Thursday, December 2, 2010

My faith and spirituality/How I get down!

So if you know me, or if you've read this blog before, it's obvious I can find belief, faith, and God in just about anything. It can range from philosophical books to trashy movies to deep conversation. But regardless, I have a pretty uncanny ability to find deeper meaning in media, even if it is about as deep as the baby pool. So last night, when I finally got to see Inception for the first time, it was a pretty safe bet to think I would find something in a movie with that much philosophy. But what made it so fun for me was its premise was the exact opposite philosophy of what I have been discovering (re-discovering) since the idea to leave TFA first came into my head. Inception was all about multiple layers of reality, and determining whether or not what you are physically doing at the moment is real or jut a dream. Very matrix-esque and definitely a fun debate, but for me, I've been honing in on the idea that this is my life. My actions are not pre-determined, and though I believe in a path and purpose, the sheer power of making your own decisions, and guiding your own path has been, like crack to me. I remember driving home from STL, and switching lanes, and deciding to stop at random "points of interest," and just realizing that my life shouldn't be dependent on others' ideas, thoughts, and notions. So having been focused on that, Inception just blew my mind.

But with that being said, the last few days I've found a lot of great mediums that explain what I believe. Here are a few selections of what has been guiding my spirituality:

First is a sermon from Columbine United Church. It talks about reverence, unity, and love. In the past couple years I've decided to leave the Christian church, but I think the pastor at my parents church is an amazing man. He has so much knowledge and love, and realizes that Christianity is more of a bridge to faith than a means for and end. (kinda long, but most people can find 18 minutes in their day)

Next, a slam poet named Tre G, and his piece is called reflection. The file is like 8 minutes long, but the poem is only about 2 1/2 or 3 minutes. It gives a really good description of humanity, and our struggle with the idea of a God

and finally, not about faith, but the intro to this poem has a beautiful description of "winning" at life, and the poem makes me :) Once again, long file, but the Poem is at the beginning and you don't need to listen to the rest if you don't want!

Hope you enjoy!

(sorry for the pasted links, I'm not sure A.) how to do the thing where you have a button that looks better then a link, and B.) add a music file. Mine is only letting me do video. So if you know how ot fix this, please let me know)
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