Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I could get used to this

Just another day at the office. I got to work around nine, and set up tabling for the 2010 Denver/Colorado census at festivals like Mile high music fest, greek festival, pride, and black arts, then busy intern work. Next, I took an hour lunch at a nice chinese food restaurant on the boss' dime, then went back to work for a few more hours of festivals and intern toils. Finally, I ended the day with a free private party at the Chop House drinking mirco-brews and eating beef wellington, only to go to a free rockies game after the food ran out. I even got in a night run with a head lamp! I hope real life is always like this!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Sometimes I see things that make me questions my country, but other times I see things that restore my hope. Yesterday I saw a man who works in the CU archives helping the Afghani bus driver with English. He wanted to know what "sup?" meant. The man later told me that each day he brings the bus drivers pastries, and one day he brought the Afghani man a fruit smoothie...something he had never seen before. Hope for a united glob 1, cynicism 0.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sometimes I wonder about our country, but other times I get unwanted answers. Maybe advertisements like these are why less then half of the marriages in the US don't work out.

Maybe I can't build a relationship in 24 hours, but I know with 1-800-divorce I can break it!