Friday, December 3, 2010


Here are some pictures from my Dad and I's trip to Brazil. We spent six days on the Amazon with a medical crew, and 6 days surfing in Salvador de Bahia. It was a great introduction to South America!

Some boats we saw in an inlet off of the amazon

Us walking our supplies down to the boat, which was our home for six days

What 3,000 condoms look like in a duffle bag!

Looking tough

A picture inside one of our clinics

Dam Dog and our awesome translator Bruno

One of the houses we saw in the village

A massive suspension bridge linking two villages

A picture of a village from the boat

A man from the village showing me he knows how to use condoms lol

Another translator named Raquel and I

The largest rodent in the world! (check out the webbed feet!)

The docs heading back after a long day

The view from the shower

Dam Dog showing off his roots

The walk down to the baby beach

Graffiti in the city in Salvador

graffiti number 2

Dam Dog and I outside of an opera house

What a typical Thursday night in Salvador looks like

I apparently own a hotel in Brazil

I didn't get to eat here, bit I wish I would have!
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