Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things You Learn While Unemployed

After having left St. Louis about 2 months ago, and having gone from 10-14 hour days (Final two years in college --> TFA) to unemployed, I find myself with a lot of extra time in my head. Even when busy I find a lot of time to spend in my head, but now, since I have so much time for reflection, my inheadedness is culminating into something more tangible. I think the shock of being home for the first time in five years, as well as not having any structure for the first time in five years, probably adds to the pseudo soul-searching. But, alas, here is what I have discovered in the two months I've been at home:

1.) Unemployed sports fans must love life because the best sports shows are on during the work day

2.) Unemployed sports fans must hear the same thing over and over due to the fact each show talks about the same games and highlights, just with different anecdotes.

3.) It's amazing how busy a person with absolutely no responsibility can stay. I some how can go days without knocking out anything on my to-do list

4.) "surfing" the web is the bane of my existence

5.) Hundreds of people send emails to the same craigslist job I am sending an email to. Even if it says don't call, I think I should probably call

6.) Without a dog with a lot of personality around the house, I think my sanity would falter. Henry apparently speaks Spanish, calls my Mom Patti, and doesn't have much to contribute to conversations about Wii or a choice between casual or business attire

7.) I love playing video games

8.) I love reading

9.) I love playing guitar

10.) I love a lot of things, and when I have free time in my day, instead of 14 hour work days, it's amazing how fast I remember what it feels like to enjoy doing things I love

11.) I have a tendency to become a little self-involved if I am stressing about finding jobs or grad school programs. I was lucky to come across a Joel Osteen email (love him or hate him, that shit is positive!) which reminded me how important it is to embrace each day, and realize that you can only do so much while applying for jobs. Stressing about them after you call, send resumes, and network, is a waste of time. That time can be spent doing things you love and don't always have time for. (I'm half way through Mario for the Wii!)

12.) The Wii + unemployment = not getting very far on the to-do list

13.) Fantasy Basketball is very addicting...especially when your team has the most overall points! Boo yah

14.) My hatred for the lakers may actually make me a Spurs fan...but my hatred for Manu may actually stop me from being a Spurs fan

15.) I like winning more than I hate Manu. He's on my fantasy team and ripping it up

16.) I actually like watching and being knowledgeable about sports. Weird?

17.) Though I dreaded it for half of college, it's amazing how happy I am to be living back at home with my fam. I may still despise Littleton, but after some rough experiences, a little TLC is much appreciated.

18.) Sometimes it is nice to say thoughts out loud, instead of letting them swirl around in the old noggin for hours. I can no longer say I don't talk to myself

19.) I'm extremely blessed to have the privilege to not only quit something, but also have a great family, friends, and support system to fall back on. Meg and I went to dinner tonight, and just being able to go out to a cheap Chinese restaurant when things aren't going so well is a privilege not everyone has. This is something I need to remember when things seem to look a bit bleak

Ok so not the most profound of thoughts have popped into my head recently, but I gotta do something to occupy my day right? Maybe tomorrow will bring some new exciting thoughts to blog about. Until next time!

Quick update: Currently in the running for two part-time jobs working with at-risk youth. Keep your fingers crossed...or if you have any connection to Urban Peak, put in a good word for me!