Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christianity, Homosexuality, and living in harmony

So recently, the topics of Christianity and homosexuality have both been on my plate. Between the mumbo jumbo about Don't ask Don't tell, explaining my tattoo to all my new work friends, and just the constant debates in our country, I feel like it is never ending. I'm a person of faith, and recently, having quit TFA, started exercising, writing, reading, and hanging out with people I love again, I feel closer to a higher being than ever before. With that being said, I've also been blessed to have great spiritual influences surrounding me. Ranging from recent ex-lovers, to my parents, my sister, and my parents' pastor, I'm surrounded by people whom I respect in so many regards. The reason I bring these things up is because I just finished listening to a three part sermon on sexuality and homosexuality in the bible. These three stuck out to me so much because it not only exposed me to my own ignorance of the meaning behind certain biblical references, but it also exudes the possibility for liberal thought and choice in Christianity. Because of problematic rhetoric in Christianity, I chose to shed my label as a Christian, but I still find myself defending its good aspects. I know faith can do great things for people, and lots of time religion is that medium, even if it leads to more confusion down the road. But this sermon series, this man, these ideas, these are why I still think that Christianity can be a good thing in peoples' lives. It may not be my personal religion, but I think there is a lot of good in certain churches. This sermon also touches on the fact that our government is unfortunately a theocracy, and the separation between church and state doesn't exist... which appeals to my radical side : )

I'm only attaching the final sermon, but I encourage you all to visit Columbine United Church's podcast page on itunes. It's free and it's very moving! If you are confused, interested, just looking for a spiritual medium, or want to learn about a different religion than your own, I feel like this is a good place to start.
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