Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Do date a man who travels

It’s easy to tell him apart. While his long hair and feral appearance stand out in a crowd, that isn’t why the man who travels is illuminated. No, it’s the brazen look in his eyes. Behind the adorning wrinkles bestowed by stories of smiles and joy is man who has tasted the fruits of foreign lands. Behind that gaze lies a man of conviction, a man who has experienced, and a man who knows a thing or two about life.

Though our female counterparts beg to differ, do date a man who travels. Through experiences ranging from lavish to lackluster, he has learned to thrive in all environments. He can woo a crowd while dining at the swanky night spot, but will always prefer the company of a single companion under a moonlit sky. He appreciates moments of western indulgence watching a movie in bed, but has never understood the idea of a rut. Life is always fresh, and with him, there is never a dull moment.

Do date a man who travels. While he may only have enough material possessions to fill 60-70 liters of rucksack, he’s not afraid of the material world. He may not have room for the newest trend, but he can admire those who OWN their possessions, instead of that of the opposite. His end goal may not be money, but he has learned the value of a dollar. He enjoys the good life, and knows how to fashion it in any atmosphere in which he’s found.

Don’t expect to see him working in a typical job. While he doesn’t mind occasionally adorning the suit and tie, a man who has seen this much can’t be restrained. He is creative, but even that is in the atypical sense. He’s a hustler, a go-getter, an alchemist forging a lucrative amalgam out of his passions, yet still does not lose himself to the daily grind. While others may not understand what he does and why he does it, they do respect it. He explored the world to uncover the lifestyle he loves, and now refers to it as reality.

The unknown can be scary, but the man who travels has learned to befriend his fear. He may be unpredictable in nature, but for the trained eye, this chaos is a far cry from an uncontrolled variable. He knows the only constant in life is change and navigates the unchartered territory as if calm waters in a familiar bay. He approaches question marks with a sense of ease, placating all those who find themselves in his presence. 

Some lessons can only be learned through experience, and the man who travels has been down that path. He has been to places where rights are not in abundance. His demographic may not be oppressed, but through the eyes of his companions, he has learned what it feels like to be restrained. He realizes that the hands of a true ally are dirty, bloody, and calloused, because this is what he posses. He may never fully understand these injustices, but has realized this understanding is half the battle.

His life is unplanned. He loves the feel of wind in his hair, and the image of clear landscape in his rearview mirror. Exploring new environments with an open-mind and open-heart is a perfunctory act because adventure and understanding are etched in his DNA. His compass is tuned to the seasons, with falling leaves acting as mile markers, and rolling scenery as roadsigns. He is transient. He finds comfort in motion. He loves all things that revolve, but still finds a yearning for a home. For him, this is not a physical location, but a loyalty felt towards others who have fallen for the same pulls, the same passions.

Do date a man who travels. Though he does have his faults - wanderlust, selfishness, a skewed sense of reality - above all else, he knows what compliments his being. He will adore the independence and confidence you posses, and awe at your lively soul. He may not acquiesce without a fight, but will be eternally grateful for your ability to twist his less than desirable traits into functioning aspects of something lasting and beautiful. He will not forsake the goddess or god in you, showing prostrations through reciprocation of work that comes with falling in love. A man who travels may not have everything figured out, but he understands confusion isn’t a bad place to reside, especially if you’ve a counterpart to occupy it with.

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