Monday, June 2, 2014

Shit festival goers say...

Recovering from festival hangover is the worst, but it's worth it for the things you learn, the people you meet, and the places you go...Summer camp 2014 was a success.

“It’s not unification, it’s mutual adoration.”

“I got pennies in my pockets but I’m picking fresh fruit.”

“I don’t want to be just some thirty year old selling ads to the miracle.”

“Twiddle, obviously.”

“Dude. For real, I fall in love with a new girl every second here.”

“This line is for the shitters, and this one is for the pissers.”

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”

“I can blame religion for all my commitment issues.”

“…and in that moment, i believed in miracles. But I know miracles don’t exist. What I had rediscovered was love.”

“Whose been in my spaceship before? Nobody? Strap in and enjoy the ride lunar virgins.”

“Why does this smell like soap?

“We are blessed to have with us tonight a talented musician who we all grew up watching. Please welcome to the stage Mr. John Popper of Blue’s Traveler throwing it down on the harmonica.”

“Why would they give us a book? OH, it is a book. I thought it was just a ripping audio book with music in the background.”

“Everything in moderation, even moderation.”

“I’m on LSD. I feel like it is just man’s interpretation of what we learn through mushrooms. Man is trying to replicate the experience.’ ‘ What about ecstasy?’ ‘…On a spiritual level, there’s nothing. But on a sensual level, wow…. I have a boyfriend’ ‘That’s OK.’ ‘ Bummer.”

“I’m gonna touch her so good she’ll think it’s grandpa.”

“I’ve been doing this a long time, man. I was a bit jaded. Nothing really made me jam anymore. You know cheese or further would make me sweat, but it didn’t click till I started hoopin’. This weekend, my moves, man, my moves really started to work … Shit my girlfriend’s gonna know I’ve been hoopin’ with other girls!”

“It was a big one!…spider that is.”

“High fives for good vibes.”

“Drink till I don’t know the meaning of alone, till that bullet flies to carry home.”

“Tonight I’m gonna do the things I wanna do, with the spirits rushing through my veins.”

“Team work makes the dream work.”

“I’ve been practicing celibacy a long time. For 5-6 years there has been no sex or self-sex. It’s been an experience though. Feeling this kind of purity is like no other feeling in the world. No drug can amount to the feeling of purity.”

“It’s days like these where I wanna wake up from this American dream.”

“Alright guys, let’s do a last call.’ ‘ Oh, I got it…LAST CALL!’ ‘ You can’t do that, those guys are in Umphrey’s. Go Ask them if they want another beer.”

“We got the Chicago Farmer coming up next to come Folk your face.”

“I don’t like building up my serotonin just to deplete it, you know? I feel like your body has natural levels for a reason. It’s like those guys who do coke so they can drink more. Sometimes you just gotta stop.”

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