Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Things over heard at the 10th Anniversary for Mountain Jam

Karma Car Wash and their fans

Another week down, another festival lived. Mountain Jam was definitely different than what I expected, but there was still a lot to be learned and heard...

“I tell my son the only destiny in life is death, so you better just do what makes you happy.”

“Last night dreamt the whole night long and woke with a head full of songs.”

“The highway sets the traveler’s stage, and all the exits look the same.”

“Three words that became hard to say were I and Love and You.”

“The creative adult is the child who survived.”

“Sometimes you gotta juuummmmpppp innnnnnnn.”

“The truth and the morning both become the daylight with time.”

“I could eat a hot dog right outta the packet.”

“If your putting pressure on your sphincter, you either need to find a different position or your sphincter is sticking outta your ass.”

“On the count of three I want everyone on this mountain to think about their mom. You doing it? She’s pretty awesome, huh?”

“What did I say yesterday? That balls are attracted to my face?”

“Religion is for people who are scared of going to hell, while spirituality is for those who have already been there.”

“My voice and my words are my raised flag, while my intentions are the blowing wind.”

“Dude, we are just going somewhere…and it’s gonna be fun!”

“Goats like getting gropped. What, you’ve never heard that?’ ‘Are you just making this up?’ ‘ No, you know, what floats your boat, what gropes your goat?"

“Yeah man, I was there. Woodstock 99. It was great, we were there as a family, I think I was 15 or so, and it just worked out that we met the promoter a week earlier and they needed help on the food line. We did all the prep work, so we were done with our volunteer hours by when the festival started. My parents let us explore, and they did their thing. It was the coolest but scariest experience I’ve ever had.’ ‘What a cool family vacation, man.’ ‘Yeah it was. But you know, that was the last one.’ ‘ Yeah 99 was the last Woodstock.’ ‘ Yes that, but also my family vacations. After that my parents got divorced and my sister moved out and sorta stopped talking to us. We haven’t really been close since…”

“Hammocks start at 65 bucks for a single, and 75 bucks for the double. The double is Eno’s bread and butter. The difference is the width. This is 8 feet while the single is only 6. Here’s the kicker, the straps are a separate purchase. They normally go for 35, but if you buy them today you get them for 20. That’s around 10% off what you would pay at Dicks or Sports Authority.”

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