Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Images of the Sunshine Network Massage School in Lahu Village

There is no lack of abundance of massage in the northern region of Thailand. While one can get a massage anywhere around the country, professionals and interested parties alike have begun to gravitate to the north to receive, and learn, the ancient trade. For myself, I decided to mix my massage with a bit of off-the-grid living, heading to a course in a Lahu Village between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai (run by the Sunshine Network). Through rooster wake-ups to veggies and khow neeow for every meal, living in the small village was an adventure every minute of the day. Enjoy some photos from the 12-day immersion course.

My beautiful lodgeing

The main cafe in town, fresh with some new supplies

The view from the top of the world

Early morning fog on the mountain. Sounds like a folk song to me

The ensuing monsoon

more and more rain

One of the guard dogs

An inhospitable house guest

The course in full swing

Action shot!

Letting my healing flow

Breakfast each morning

Jefar looking like he has a little back pain

V for Vendetta?

Ain't no party like a Lahu party

"Coming to save, the mother f*cking day, yeah!"

Our group on the massage-free afternoon outing

Lahu surfing

Our thrown

ditching our massage course for tango

How I feel when I see sticky rice and veggies on the 10th day

The mangy cat not happy with paparazzi

Lahu at its finest

A rare glimpse at Beetle Nut teeth


Massage school in all its glory

Happy travels!

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