Thursday, August 29, 2013

Essential experiences for fleeting moments on this earth

Ok, I’ll admit, the title is a little much. Do we really need to portray this list as a life and death situation? Are these experiences REALLY that important that they must occur within our limited time on earth to make our life worth living? Yes. Read this list, and go experience each one as quickly as possible.

Feeling the weight of all your possessions on your back, as you stare at a completely unplanned future –Everybody needs to, at some point, drop the existence they know, don a backpack, and hit the road. People constantly say they “wish,” they could travel. The not-so-secret dirty little secret is you CAN do this. The real trick is whether or not you actually want to. It isn’t easy to quit the existence you know and stare a big question mark in the face. In fact, it is terrifying, but the amount of growth one experiences, as well as the pool of wisdom gained, is well worth the moments of feeling uncomfortable. If you set your sights on this goal, things will work in your favor. All you need to do is stop making excuses.  

Unabashed love for yourself, the person you are, and all that you do – In a world where news and media have been completely overtaken by sensationalized advertising, it is all too easy to hate yourself. From an early age, it seems as if we are programmed to dumb down the thoughts in our heads and the desires in our hearts. We are feed American-sized meals of who we NEED to be, and what one MUST do to succeed. Never, though, are we offered a nice healthy serving of, “who is it you are, and what makes you tick?” If we were, we wouldn’t have such a booming market for pharmaceuticals. You are a great person, and the world should know that. If you haven’t had a moment where you wake up, look in the mirror, then think “damn, you are awesome!” then something needs to change.

Untamed, unkempt, unadulterated love – To put it eloquently, fall the fuck in love. Love is becoming as scarce as clean water in this world, and the only way to replenish it is to do it. It can hurt. It can be short lived. It can leave you miserable. These consequences are minuscule when you realize the truth behind the worn out, yet worthwhile cliché, “it is better to have loved then lost.” It just feels a little something like this.

Heart wrenching failure – The token “bad,” feeling on the list. Failure sucks…but damn does it help you gain perspective. The first time you have the familiar, soft earth ripped out from under your feet is one of the worst feelings. After hitting the ground, you are left to brave the unfamiliar landscape that used to know by heart. It is almost as if you need to learn how to function again as a human being, starting with simple skills like how to walk. It may be awful, but nothing can have a greater impact on your life than starring up at the top of the well from the cold, unforgiving, rocky bottom. The only way to go is up.

Watching a beautiful sunset from a grassy perch while the rest of the world battles with rush-hour traffic – It is simple, easy, and makes the world look a whole lot brighter. Pull the car over, let the suckers too stuck in their heads continue to rage at the perennial stagnation of the highway, and watch one of life’s magnificent phenomena unfold before your eyes. 

Complete and total understanding – We, as humans, will never know everything. No one person is omnipotent, but that doesn’t mean we need to always be confused. There are fleeting moments where your understanding can be on par with the divine, but it isn’t easy to attain. With the perfect recipe of the right ingredients, it is possible. All it takes is letting go of judgment, clearing your mind, and fully immersing yourself in a single moment of time. With a quiet head, an open heart, and a focused mind, the cogs and cranks of the vast world become apparent.  

A solitary moment of freedom-

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