Saturday, July 27, 2013

A little Sunday reflection

It is easy to reflect on life while traveling. It isn't, however, always easy to make time to reflect, meditate, pray, or center yourself when stuck in the midst of the daily grind. For those of you needing some encouragement, here are a few words from a Hindu philosopher named Osho. The book I'm currently reading has 2 excerpts per day that you read in the morning and evening everyday for a month. While the notion of adjectives preceding love in the States is a seemingly ubiquitous issue, Osho has a different take. Enjoy the read and let the words seep in and stay present for the entirety of your day!

"...But total love is a totally different phenomenon from perfect love. perfect love has a certain idea and that idea has to be fulfilled. One has to go according to a certain pattern, one has many 'should' and 'should nots', many commandments, and one has to slowly slowly, cultivate a certain quality of perfection. but total love is non-ideological, there is no idea. all that is needed is each moment, whatsoever you are doing, do it wholeheartedly, don't hold back - that's all. that's what i mean by 'totally', don't hold back.

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