Monday, February 15, 2010

Apathetic to Politics

I saw a debate between Howard Dean and Karl Rove tonight. It was everything that one would expect from a debate between two opposed forces. The student group did a great job of putting on the event. The politicians did not. They avoided questions. They made jokes about serious issues in our country that need to be addressed. They knocked the present and past administrations without trying to find an answer. It reminded me of why I am apathetic towards politics, and so behind grassroots and social movements.

I had the opportunity to go to a reception after the debate. I was coming straight from class dressed in jeans, a polo t-shirt, and sneakers. Karl Rove was dressed in a suite. I walked in, introduced myself, and thanked Mr. Rove for coming to campus. He thanked me for dressing up for the event. I proceeded to the food with a fake smile, all the while thinking, "thanks for the 1 trillion dollar deficit and masterminding one of the worst regimes in American history." Too bad I was representing my student body and CEB, because that sentiment would have been vocalized had I not been...
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