Saturday, March 14, 2009

CU Poetry Slam 2009

So a few posts ago I talked about being a self-proclaimed writer and poet. But last night I decided to step out of that box and onto the stage, and compete in the 6th annual CU poetry slam. I've never actually read any of these poems out loud, but I figured the best way to start would be to throw myself into a competition with an audience of a few hundred. It ended up being great, and I made it to second round, but not the final. I can't complain, and I feel like this was a great way to start my slam career...and talking with all the other poets, it looks like I can be doing readings a few times a week if I like, so hopefully these poetry posts will be a reoccurring theme. So without further adu, here are the two poems I read last night...

Hope you enjoyed! the next ones will be memorized and that self-conscious tick will be gone forever!
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