Friday, February 18, 2011

On The Road

It's crazy to think our first five weeks are done at IC, but now starts the even more exciting part! I'm writing now from the back of our IC van as we cruise down I-40 East to Tulsa, OK. We have already had some great experiences thus far, and we haven't even had our first screening yet. We are really starting to get a feel for each other as a team, and we are all excited to start doing what we cam here to do. 2 days down, and already we've experienced a faulty GPS route, an impromptu banjo concert, and a teepee village getting ransacked by a T-rex. I can only imagine what else is in store. Here a a few pictures from the road. Hope you enjoy!

Launch Dinner!

vans getting ready to go!

Entering Arizona!

Our GPS apparently likes Indian Casinos

Our new found friend

Texas Sunset


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